Per poter partecipare al tour organizzato da Venice Kayak, dovete accettare e sottoscrivere la liberatoria riguardo a lesioni o danni. Dovete accettare che questa attività è a vostro rischio.

Sottoscrivendo questo documento voi rinuncerete certi diritti legali incluso di portare in giudizio Venice Kayak. Pertanto vi preghiamo di leggerlo attentamente.

  1. I acknowledge, appreciate and agree that there is a risk of damage or injury from the activities I am to undertake. I knowingly and freely assume all such risks and I assume full responsibility for my participation in these activities.
  2. I understand and agree that these activities have inherent risks, dangers and my participations in such activities and/or use of any equipment may result in injury or illness including but not limited to, bodily injury, disease, strains, fractures, partial and or total paralysis, death or other ailments that could cause serious disability.
  3. These risks and dangers may be caused by the negligence of the owners, employees, contractors or associates of the Company, the negligence of other participants or the negligence of any other person, the predictable or unpredictable forces of nature or any other causes or accidents. Risks may arise from foreseeable or unforeseeable causes including but not limited to water conditions, weather conditions and risks associated with capsizing a kayak when embarking and disembarking from these craft (including hypothermia and drowning).
  4. I (for myself and on behalf of my heirs, assigns, personal representatives and next of kin hereby release, hold harmless and indemnify to the fullest extent permitted by law the Company, its owners, employees, contractors, and associates with respect to any and all harm injury disability death loss or damage to myself or any other person or any property associated with my presence or participation in the activities that I am about to undertake whether arising from my negligence or the negligence of any other person or the negligence of the Company, its owners, employees, contractors and associates or for any other reason whatsoever.
  5. I confirm that I am physically and mentally capable and fit to participate in this activity and can swim a minimum of 20 metres.
  6. I have no medical conditions or needs or have taken any type of medication (prescribed or otherwise) other than those listed below.
  7. I confirm that I am 18 years of age or older or I am the adult responsible as a Guardian for my 8 year old child.
  8. I have been advised that I must wear an approved personal buoyancy aid at all times whilst in the kayak or near the water.
  9. I further agree that the Company and its personal representatives has my permission and authority to address and treat any medical conditions or emergencies as they deem appropriate and I agree to pay any charges for such medical treatment including transportation) and will indemnify the Company for this.
  10. I have read this assumption of risk and release of liability agreement, I understand its terms and conditions that I have given up substantial rights by agreeing to it and I agree it freely and voluntarily without any inducement.